Macuco: Gmail Client for Maemo

Hi everybody, my name is Paulo Cesar, and I was invited to participate on the Maemo planet recently. Here I’ll post about my adventures with Maemo development.

My first ‘test’ application is actually something that’s very useful for me: a Gmail client. Well, technically the client isn’t mine, it’s from Google, and for iPhones. My application is a little webkit browser made in Qt that identifies itself as iPhone’s Safari, and it uses kinetic scrolling to have a similar behavior as iPhone.

This is a picture of it’s first version:


Foto do Gmail App for Maemo

I made a video too, so you can see the kinetic scrolling in action:

After that, I added a little bunch of goodies to it, basic stuff, like a name, an icon, a loading animation and error handling. The name it’s Macuco, and the logo it’s this nice bird my wife draw for me 🙂

logo do Macuco

Well, if you want to test it yourself, the application was already submitted to Maemo Extras Devel, and if you like it and want to contribute with code, it’s everything published at:



28 comentários em “Macuco: Gmail Client for Maemo

    1. Oh Yeah! It’s on my TODO list! QtWebkit supports it, I just have to configure it properly and cross the fingers to the whole thing work, because I don’t know if Safari’s implementation of Offline support is compatible with QtWebkit’s one

  1. Is there a way of installing this on a non-root filesystem? My n810 only has 8MB of free space in /, but plenty of space available on mmc2 on which I would like to install this app and try it out.

    1. I just started with Maemo development, and I don’t know how to do that.. But if you already have the qt libs, Macuco only takes ~160kb of space. Bye!

  2. Nice work, really looks nice.
    Just next time when photographing set your camera to ‘micro mode’ (mostly with a flower picture).
    The video was bury, can’t see the fine detail of your work 🙂

    1. 😛 I’m a newbie photographing gadgets! The problem is that I don’t have a proper camera, the photos and videos were taken with a cellphone. It does some pretty nice micros, but it’s autofocus go wild when photographing the n810 screen…

      1. puelocesar, you might be able to set the focus manually, depending on the cellphone. You can also try shining light on the device, it might help the light sensor understand what its seeing. If you need any help do contact me, I’d love to help 🙂

      2. The problem is that the N78 camera doesn’t respect some settings. Even if I explicitly configure it to do not use flash, it uses the flash.. The focus have a similar problem.. These “intelligent” devices that think they are smarter then you annoys me 😛

        But I promise that my next bought will be a Cannon SX110 IS. Do you recommend it?

  3. I’d like to try it but I don’t have the device memory required for the installation. I am looking at the ‘boot from the MMC’ option. good work!

      1. I would say yes but I am still waiting on delivery like almost everyone else…I know someone out there has got to want to test it though. Create a thread on maemo forums maybe?

      2. (PT-BR) Eu tenho um N900 e me proponho a testar se quiseres.

        (EN-US) I have a N900 and i may test it if you wish.


  4. Boa Noite Paulo,

    Voce continua com o projeto do Macuco? Quer ajuda pra testar com o N900? Eu posso ajudar. Nao sei nada de programacao pro Maemo, mas de testes e traduções pra Inglês e Portugues Brasileiro eu posso ajudar.

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