Macuco updated!

Hi everyone! I know you are all excited with new and glorious Maemo5 and n900, but for the mortals who doesn’t have to privilege to get one, I have just updated Macuco, my Gmail/Google Reader/Orkut client for the Maemo4.

Thanks for Jie Zhang, a very nice fellow from Shangai, the high CPU utilization bug was solved, now everything is much smoother and fast!

Jie also solved the problem with packaging, so now you can launch Macuco from the menu, with a nice icon my wife made for me 🙂

By the way, I’m really happy to see how open source work well! If the code was closed, the bugs wouldn’t be solved and I would just abandon the application. But as the code is open, I found a contributor who solved the two main problems with the app and now the project is alive and more importantly: useful for people!


6 comentários em “Macuco updated!

    1. I’ll make a post with screenshots and another screencast using Macuco for Google Agenda and Google Reader, but if you can’t wait, watch the other screenshots of Gmail on my other posts, the look is about the same. Bye.

  1. Wonderful application. Love it.

    Here is some feedback after having used it for a few days:

    * Off-line work mode would be great,

    * Ability to pre-save accnt name and pwd for multiple gmail accounts and make it easy to switch between them.

    * Ability to zoom in and out using the hardware buttons

    * Let the menu bar ontop of the screen always stay on screen so that you don’t have to scroll to the top every time to access the menu options there

    * I can’t seem to open hyperlinks in emails.

    I also posted about this app on maemo.org here:

    Hoping to see more updates; this is so smooth 🙂

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